Cardiac Electrophysiology

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Cardiac Electrophysiology research Center


The Electrophysiology Research Center is dependent to Pace Maker Electro Physiology Department. This Center was established in order to promote quality of relevant services. Electro Physiology is the modern Subset of Internal Heart field.

This field consists of two complementary parts: the one is related to diagnosis, treatment and research about heart arrhythmias, and the other is related to the use of implant devices for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders.

Electrophysiology pace maker department is working with a decade of success in the fields of education, diagnosis and the treatment of cardiovascular disorders.

In recent years, Shahid Rajai Electro Physiology Research Center with training Fellows and Equipped Cat-Lab with EP-LAB Device has taken effective steps in development of this field. Now, More than 50 experts are working around the country. 


Highlight :

- The first center of electrophysiology Fellowship courses


Address : 2nd floor, research building, Shahid Rajaei Research & Training Hospital Next to Mellat Park, Vali-Asr Ave, Tehran, IRAN.

Tel : +98 (21) 23923017

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